Creating a customized Excel presentation

Lately some sort of business presenter called which wished to learn if PowerPoint may agree to inputs and complete computations while in Slide Show mode. Although it is much over and above this capabilities involving PowerPoint, We could help with an idea in which I want to give out today. If you are carrying out a presentation in which you want to enter inputs, such as financial figures, in addition to show the audience the consequence of computations with real-time and perchance as a graph, this method may enable you to do this. This utilizes PowerPoint’s ability to hyperlink to a different data file type and possesses that data file open in the correct program. However we all will use Excel and have it function almost like it is PowerPoint, that’s why this title with this tip just as one Excel presentation. Here’s exactly how this works. 1st, setup an Excel spreadsheet that has your inputs at the top of the sheet. Structure your page to ensure the font is usually big enough to view while projected, generally a minimum of eighteen or maybe twenty point. In order to present the result of calculations, enter the individual formulas so that your results are found. In order to conduct several calculations and not have them viewed, place those in cells a few pages down the sheet. In order to present the calculated final results in graphs, create each and every graph on the distinct worksheet. Save that data file to your computer.
Upcoming, generate your PowerPoint Presentations demonstration as follows. Choose some starting slides that make clear the subject. Incorporate that you want to demonstrate the audience the results reside and present them any background data they need to understand as a way to help you establish the advices to the computations. Also you need to make clear what sorts of computations are completed if that may be applicable. Soon after these kinds of slides, make a slide that includes a hyperlink on the Excel spreadsheet file you have set up. If you would like have the ability to entry the spreadsheet through any slide, put the hyperlink around the Slide Master.

On your presentation, you may have the answers and reach the actual slide where you are ready to cooperate with the actual work with the inputs that the audience has helped create. Initialize the hyperlink to open up the actual Excel spreadsheet via inside of PowerPoint. Work with Excel as you usually would, displaying the issue associated with modifying the actual inputs and how an effects change in line with the computations. Switch to each of the graph worksheets to exhibit the final results visually. While you are done, you are able to save the spreadsheet and it’s also now prepared to be e-mailed towards the audience following your presentation in case needed. Quit Excel and you are usually backed in your presentation in PowerPoint prepared to carry on delivering the rest of the message.

By using this technique, a person effectively engage the audience, a person customize just about any examples especially for this particular group, they promptly begin to see the final results numerically as well as creatively and you’ve got a tailored pair of computed results able to post these individuals when you are carried out. I could discover this being utilized intended for delivering presentations with investment planning, cash strategy as well as what-if or perhaps scenario analysis. Utilize the energy regarding hyperlinking to Excel from your PowerPoint Presentations slide to allow you to primarily use of Excel to be a presentation tool.