The Benefits Of Multi-Level Marketing

The best MLM companies are those who embrace the many benefits that multi-level marketing has to offer. Read on to learn more about the advantages that MLM marketing can provide and how MLM leads can change your financial prognosis.
1. Limited Risk Factor

When we start traditional businesses, we are confronted with the possibility of losing money almost immediately. There are a number of expenses to consider and we are not always prepared to deal with them. As a result, people tend to avoid starting their own business and are scared to become entrepreneurs. Startup costs tend to serve as a strong deterrent in these instances.

But with the best MLM companies, you are able to get started for just a few hundred dollars. MLM leads are also generated with relative ease, since MLM companies focus on selling products that are used by their prospective clients already. If you take the time to compare the level of financial investment involved in an MLM marketing plan with the investment needed to start a traditional business, you will find that the risk factor is significantly decreased.

2. Passive Income

MLM marketing offers people the opportunity to stop trading their time for money and allows them to begin earning a passive/residual income almost immediately. When you pay your Internet, cable, electric, gas or water bill each month, those companies are all able to enjoy a steady stream of passive income, without ever having to punch a clock. Thanks to MLM companies and MLM leads, you can also partake in this lifestyle.

All you need to do is put in the initial effort to draw in the customers and the rest will simply take care of itself. A lot of us are too used to the level of certainty that is derived from trading a predetermined amount of time for a predetermined amount of money and we avoid the lure of MLM marketing as a result. But selling products for the best MLM companies allows us to snatch a far greater piece of the income pie.

3. Low Overhead

If you decide to start a traditional business, your overhead costs can be cumbersome. There are employees to pay, space to rent and inventory costs to be considered. With MLM marketing, you can harness the awesome power of the Internet to keep your costs low and ensure that you remain within your budget.

MLM companies tend to get a bad rap, because people falsely believe that they will have to purchase a large amount of inventory during the early stages and recruit people to sell it on their behalf. Thanks to the Internet, this perception is no longer reality. When you do not have to keep up with a high monthly overhead, it is much easier to adapt to changing business climates.

Nimbus Data Announces Flash Supply and Technology Partnership

Nimbus Data, whose new ExaFlash all-flash array systems were announced at Flash Memory Summit 2016, announce a new strategic partnership to supply NAND flash and supporting technology to Nimbus. ExaFlash is claimed to be the world’s most advanced flash memory platform that supports big data and cloud infrastructure. SK Hynix is rated as one of the world’s leading suppliers of cutting-edge NAND flash.
According to Thomas Isakovich, CEO and founder of Nimbus Data, “ExaFlash is the most scalable all-flash array ever conceived, incorporating up to 276,480 NAND dies, or 4.5 petabytes of raw flash memory, in one fully-redundant system. Our alliance with SK Hynix on NAND flash supply ensures that we can meet the needs of our Tier 1 customers, including leading Web properties, media/entertainment companies, and service providers, with the highest capacity, greatest energy efficiency, and lowest cost per gigabyte.”

Nimbu’s ExaFlash platform provides virtually infinite on-demand scalability, unequaled support for multiple protocols, 95% lower energy consumption, as well as over 50% greater rack density, and at price points that are less than half that of competing storage methods. When maxed out, the ExaFlash D-series provides 4.5 petabytes (4,500,00 gigabytes) of raw flash storage in a fully-redundant 4U form factor. This configuration would require over 250 U (that equates to 62 X more rack space) with competing all-flash arrays when scaled out to a similar capacity.

YR Kim, Vice President at SK Hynix, states that “Our strategic partnership with Nimbus Data will help accelerate flash adoption as a true cost-comparable capacity-superior replacement of traditional hard drive-based arrays. We are delighted to partner with Nimbus Data’s innovative team to further push the envelope of all-flash capacity, energy efficiency and data center density, the three factors most critical in reshaping tomorrow’s data center.”

The Friendly Platform for Customer Service Solutions

Often, when we visit any site or place, we have a lot of queries regarding that but usually don’t find anyone to ask them out and clear our doubts. As a result of which we have a lot of confusions and even miss out those opportunities just because our doubts could not be addressed.Even at times we find in customer care services even people mislead us through mistake of facts.They might not know something and just for the sake of answering our queries,they sometimes even mislead us with wrong facts.So,here is Kankei for your addressable.
They patiently hear to their clients for all sorts of their problems and proceed according to the needs of the clients without trying to impose their own perspectives and remarks.

The different questions they deal with may be the silliest or the most logical and reasonable one, they try their best to satisfy all their customers. The questions ranges from simple consumer grievances, queries about the products, customer feedbacks to conducting surveys regarding new products in the market. They try their best not just to satisfy their new customers,offer improved services and even tract customers by reducing service costs.

What Kankei is all about!

Kankei provide the best customer services for its customers.It has created a very organized customer service management that can give us all round answers to our queries.Kankei is a complete customer service management center including art technology, domain expertise and have employed excellently skilled employees.They have highly modernized technologies which safely stores the details related to sales,services,support and crucial customer information that attract most of the customers.This helps their clients to greatly rely upon them.

Their forte areas!

They have multilingual, cooperative and experienced employees we have ample knowledge and skill in this field.This attracts client from throughout the world because of their services. Their worldwide customer support outsourcing service includes web chat, email and voice mail, fax support, marketing and sales. Kankei’s customer care service leaves no doubts of its clients unanswered.

The unique and qualitative services they render bring about the clients to adjourn them as the best customer solution management service provider.The simple work that the brands need to do is to publish their contact information on their product packaging.They include several consumer services which include:

1.Managing over 1800 Toll Free lines 2.Inbound call management systems 3.Email response management 4.Customer Enquiry and Grievances 5.PO Box and Physical Mail Management 6.Case management within client organization

And many more such services are provided by Kankei.

They truly believe in the fiduciary relationship between the clients and the customer service center and try their best to provide the best customer service outsourcing they can.They have till now won the trust and loyalty of lakhs of customers and also are capable to retaining those customers with them for any kind of help in the future days to come through their qualitative,in time and immediate response towards their customers.They are a highly professional unit which keeps all it clients informations as secrets with themselves.

Ditching Dehydration: Top Tips for Courier Drivers

Dehydration is most frequently associated with those who get a lot of exercise or people who live in extremely hot climates. However, it’s important to remember that it can impact anyone, no matter where they are or what they do – and that includes those working on courier jobs.
The problem with dehydration is that it can often sneak up on you. Even if you are drinking when your mouth tells you that you’re thirsty, your body could already be dangerously low on water. And, with the negative side effects that accompany not remaining properly hydrated, it’s especially important for those who spend their days driving to stay on top of their liquid intake. Not only will be helping yourself and feeling better, you could also potentially be saving a life.

Signs of Dehydration

The most obvious symptoms include a dry mouth and feeling thirsty. However, many others are not as easy to discern. Look for the following signs:

• Fatigue • Low mood • Lack of alertness or a fuzzy feeling in your head • Muscle cramps in the toes, legs and fingers • Cloudy, dark urine (this is perhaps the easiest way to gauge if you are drinking enough water – you should aim for it to be pale and nearly clear)

The Dangers of Dehydration

For those working on courier jobs, it is especially important that you make sure you’re consuming enough liquid. When you’re in control of a vehicle for extended periods of time, it’s important that you’re on top of your game – to ensure not only your own safety, but also that of other drivers on the road. You need to avoid the following situations that can occur when you’re dehydrated:

• Improper braking – too late, too early or without good reason • Slow reaction times • Becoming unaware of the other vehicles around you • Drifting between lanes

How to Stay Properly Hydrated

Luckily, making sure you’re drinking enough doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips that anyone working on courier jobs may find especially helpful. Make them a habit and you can significantly reduce the chances of dehydration.

• Drink at least two litres of water a day • Always have multiple bottles of water in your vehicle • Snack on fruit – this is a great alternative way to hydrate yourself • Don’t make excuses that you don’t want to stop for the toilet – factor in enough time so that you can take regular breaks

Just because you spend your days in a vehicle doesn’t mean you’re not at risk of dehydration – in fact, one study reports that almost 70% of UK drivers don’t know the signs. Drinking sufficient water is vital for your body, your health and your safety – and soaking up these top tips will make consuming enough liquids a snap.

Norman Dulwich is a correspondent for Courier Exchange, the world’s largest neutral trading hub for same day courier jobs in the express freight exchange industry. Over 5,300 member companies are networked together through the Exchange to fill empty capacity, get new clients and form long-lasting business relationships.